Fined 1000 Bucks For Seat Belt Violation, And I Was Wearing It.

Hitesh Singla
3 min readMar 15, 2021


January 24, 2021

Traffic police have a pivotal role in maintaining road safety and ensuring everything is being taken care of on the road. During this pandemic period, it was astonishing to see their tremendous amount of activity on the road, fining not only for not wearing masks but also for high beam or not wearing rear seat belts. Quite a large amount of fine they have collected by now, reports suggest.

Well, one particular day, I encountered two of such situations in succession, one being complete nonsense and the other being a sheer loss of common sense. Let’s see how that happened.

The Pick-Up

My girlfriend and I decided to pick up our common friend who was coming all the way from Lucknow through the air. We were very excited to meet her because we have never met her, together like this, before. Suddenly out of nowhere, I got a weird feeling that something strange was going to happen ahead. Anyway, we both wore sear belts, carried all the documents, and departed.

Now, carefully see the situation. You’ll get what went wrong.

Encounter 1: I was stopped midway to the airport by a traffic policeman. He accused me of using a mobile phone while driving. Now, if you know me, I’m the kind of guy who will never use a mobile phone while driving. He still falsely accused me of using it before I got there about a mile back. “A fellow policeman standing there radioed me of such violation”, he said. Clearly, he was faking in the name of a bribe. Can someone stop them?!

We both started protesting in the middle of the road. And when I say this I’m not kidding, I got into the policeman’s nerves. I was shouting in his face for a false accusation. I can’t bear any wrongdoing guys. After some negotiation with the policeman standing aside him, I was calmed down and allowed to go with my documents. I then put on my seat belt and left.

Encounter 2: Just moments before reaching the airport, I was stopped again by a traffic policeman named ASI Naresh Kumar. Why did he stop me?! Any guesses?! You know it. You can scroll above to get more clarity of the scene.

Yes. My girlfriend forgot to wear the seat belt. The clash with the earlier policeman had unsettled her mind and she absentmindedly forgot to wear it. I had to pay the fine. It seems I was destined to be fined that day. I knew something strange was going to happen!

The Drop Off

I didn’t have liquid cash and the fine machine wasn’t accepting my card. So, I had to submit my D/L to the policeman and he asked me to submit the fine at the police station, only then I would get my D/L back. We then continued on our way.

We picked her up after an hour of waiting, met her, laughed about the incident, and then bid her goodbye on the bus to Ludhiana.

Today, I eventually got time to pick my D/L up from the police station and had all my documents back again. But this too had a story behind it. And it is connected with one of the stories I had published earlier.

To which story do you think it may be connected?!

Comment your thoughts below!

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