How My Winters Used To Go When I Was Fifteen?

Remembering the cozy yet chilling routine of childhood…

Hitesh Singla
2 min readMar 25, 2021

Winters have been a special treat for a large chunk of the world population now. Let it be chilly winds, snowflakes, snowballs, or ice-cold weather; it is being liked by everyone on-board, unlike some others who prefer other types of weather, particularly the summer.

Are they weird or what?!

Well, I am among those weird people though. Yes. (Grinning in sarcasm)

For obvious reasons though. They make you lazy, weak, and sick. Summers don’t trouble you with excess cold though! Debaters will debate. The fight ain’t gonna end. Instead, let’s go ahead and witness how my winters went in childhood. The routine was like a task given to me every day.

Winter Solstice

A day when I got up in the dawn
Saw hoary lawns with hirsute yawning,
Windows full of hoarfrost balls
I guessed t’was a wintry morning.

Gettin’ up, I went for an unsullied voyage
Winds were making a colossal clamoring,
And after an intriguing shower in cozy water
I realized it was a glacial morning.

Being ready for school, my body shivered
I was befuddled about what to do,
I heated my body, only to see
My day in school went with much ado.

Removing satchel on the kitchen slab
I instantly washed my hands,
Hastily savored my food of pleasure
And began talking with my daily friends.

After finishing my homework on time
I ate all my sumptuous dinner,
For completing all my daily tasks
I was, for that day, a clear-cut winner.

And as this goes on in the Winter Solstice
The wintry months just exceed in a say,
But I have finally arrived at a citation to tell
Wintry mornings are always packed in the hay.

I have one question for you now. How many of you have had the same routine as mine during my childhood?! More often than not, this timeline still goes parallel with many of the adults around, except the study part that is replaced with work. Quite a common routine, no?!

How do you suppose winters to be?! Do they make you lazy or active?!

Comment your thoughts below!

Chat with me here to share your routine, let it be the one from childhood or the present. Let’s generalize what winters mean to the majority of us.



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