Hurray! I Got A Letter Back From The Junior.

And why should I not be this excited? I finally got a reply, guys!

Hitesh Singla
3 min readMar 17, 2021

As all my readers know, I had previously written a heart-warming letter to the 15-year-old me. Honestly, I didn’t expect him to ever write back. But today, when I checked my mail in the morning, I felt myself on cloud nine after seeing his letter. Aren’t you excited to know what he wrote?! Well, me too. Here is how it went.

Hey big brother,

I’m doing just fine and hope you are doing fine too.

Firstly, I would like to tell you that when I heard I got a letter from your side, I just couldn’t control my excitement. I became so excited that I twisted my feet in a hurry to get that letter. I’m very happy that you wrote to me, and it doesn’t matter after how long you have written.

Talking about myself, I’m doing quite well in my studies and looking forward to a really good scholarship in college. I’ve just come out with a 95% score in the first semester exams, topping with a minuscule lead of 1%. Sadly, these things don’t interest me anymore. You say life is complex on your side, I say it’s way more interesting than what it is here.

I miss roaming around independently, being tension-free, and giving real meaning to what is called life. I too want to buy my own car as you did. I too want to fall in love. I too want to roam places. You know how much I loved to travel, don’t you?!

‘Me time’ is the one thing I enjoy the most now. Playing cricket, Listening to songs; Ah, Yes. How can I forget the ‘Enrique Iglesias Playlist’! I still have it with me and usually play our favorite song ‘Finally Found You.’ I would be glad if you still remember it. Talking of my prospects, I am too young to think of doing something of my own or going for a job. Currently, I shall keep my focus on how I can better my grades. But it’s a thought I’ll definitely keep in my mind.

Hahaha, crushes come and go. Who likes a geek though?! Well, I seem to like someone, and she’s a geek too. Geeks for geeks, right?! I call her every evening but she seems to be surrounded by someone and hence couldn’t talk. She can’t be ignoring me because she had never asked me to not call back. Does she like me too?! I would really like to talk to you more about this scenario in person. But when?!

Honestly speaking, I don’t know when I am going to meet you next. I have one request for you though while I leave for the bus. Just don’t forget your promise. Keep writing to me. I will be dying to know what’s happening at your side.

PS: I followed you on Medium. Those are some really nice articles, big bro.

From the bottom of my heart,

Love, Junior



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