I Came Across Another Masterpiece Of Childhood

It was not made in that merry a mood though!

Hitesh Singla
2 min readMar 24, 2021

All of us have had thoughts mixed with problems while doing late-night studies. It is crazy time to do anything, right?! Apparently, it was crazy enough an experience to drive me nuts one night. Whoa! When did that happen?!

I was in my ninth grade. That night, I was way too stressed about my poem recitation scheduled for the very next day. Now, let me explain to you what happened ahead in the form of a poem I wrote the next evening. Here is how it went.

Night Study

Concentrated on the study at 10, I said
“I want no loose noise or sound”
I started ‘heard the noise…’
For I had to recite a poem on the playground

Reciting the poem ‘Fright’
I heard the police alarm
Flashing late at night
Yes, I had something for sarcasm

Melancholic in my work
I continued ‘at my last lick…’
Wait! I heard a persistent knock
On the road, It’s a watchman’s stick

Stressing upon my work
I said I can’t do it
Now, I was terrified
As I continued ‘Night fright has hit…’

I ended up ‘…the happy ending’
I was watching the way
I was in dire need of sleep, I need a bed
Then I saw the dawn of the day

To be honest, I chuckled for an hour straight see the struggle I had to go through that time. I couldn’t afford a good sleep that day. Crazy no?! What is more crazy is that even today I can’t get a good night sleep. It is supposed to be some kind of irony or something.

Has this ever happened with you too?!

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