Never Have I Ever……

A string of things people plan to do, but sometimes couldn’t!

Hitesh Singla
3 min readMar 19, 2021

People tend to work hard, hard enough to have enough to ultimately enjoy their life ‘one day.’ This post is dedicated to all these people. To all hard workers around, here’s a thought! How will you know that ‘one day’ has come?!

It is going to be a very interesting post today, dedicated to each one of you guys willing to get out there and begin life. Ultimately, it will aim to give you the reality check of where you are standing in your life. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a real bumpy ride!

I have planned a game for you guys. Listed below are certain attributes that tend to depict how you may be giving meaning to your life in your way.

Ready to play the famed Never Have I Ever! Bring on your cups.

Just keep a count of how many ‘Never have I ever’ attributes fall under your category. Let’s play.

  1. Never have I ever drank liquor in my life.
  2. Never have I ever did skydiving.
  3. Never have I ever cooked a perfect meal.
  4. Never have I ever abused someone.
  5. Never have I ever been abroad.
  6. Never have I ever been ashamed in public.
  7. Never have I ever rode a horse.
  8. Never have I ever played golf.
  9. Never have I ever had a crush.
  10. Never have I ever did Kite Surfing.
  11. Never have I ever missed my sleep.
  12. Never have I ever published my own book.
  13. Never have I ever been conned by someone.
  14. Never have I ever been to a pool party.
  15. Never have I ever adhered to morning meditation.
  16. Never have I ever kissed someone.
  17. Never have I ever driven a car.
  18. Never have I ever spent my own cash.
  19. Never have I ever did paragliding.
  20. Never have I ever saw snow.
  21. Never have I ever did a Camel ride.
  22. Never have I ever had sex.
  23. Never have I ever been in a fight.
  24. Never have I ever played a musical instrument.
  25. Never have I ever did deep-sea diving.
  26. Never have I ever been on a cruise.
  27. Never have I ever celebrated a festival.
  28. Never have I ever been chased by an animal.
  29. Never have I ever been to a music festival.
  30. Never have I ever saw porn.

I hope by now you must have kept a count of how many ‘Never have I ever’ attributes you possess. Ready for the results?! Here we go.


Hippie: C’mon man. Meet me as soon as possible. You’re probably the coolest guy in the world. Just let me know your plans. I’d love to hang out with you. But mind your spending. You may be short of money. Start saving soon.


Bloke: You’re probably the most rational guy ever. Enjoying life and not spending much too. You seem to have maintained a perfect balance between spending and saving. Way to go pal. Keep motivating others too. Kudos!


Sober: I regard you the best of all. Keeping away from all the distractions and caring about only the selected ones, you seem to have found a perfect old-thought classic rhythm. Mind it, not many people have this quality. Cheers!


Geek/Nerd: To be honest, you’re not missing out that much as you think. Nerds today become quite rich tomorrow. Be ready to be the next millionaire. Just keep doing what you are doing. Don’t forget to have fun a little though.

What was your score?! Which category did you fall into?!

Comment your views below!

Chat with me here to personally share your results and let me share my category with you as well. Stay tuned for even more such fun-loving games.



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