Should I Go For Body Building Again?

And buy the annual membership of that gym too?

Hitesh Singla
3 min readMar 20, 2021

Bodybuilding is a hobby that has been quite remarkably liked by both men and women around, even during the pandemic. One can lose excess fat, build his/her body, have access to a controlled and nutritious diet, and basically remain fit. Quite the reason why people think of hitting the gym immediately.

Gymnasium remains to be annotated as the best when it comes to taking care of the body physically. It is surely a place that can yield much better advantages than working home alone. What is so good about going to a gym?!

Why go to the gym?

One has unlimited access to quality gym equipment and the trainer facility (sometimes even a personal trainer). Availability of steam and sauna bath, dietician, fully A/C environment, and quality supplements make it a wonderful place for any gym freak. They have quite variable costs depending upon the choices you make though.

A gym can be regarded as the modern savior of the health and well-being of people. Sadly, people don’t trust them in providing all the things that they promise.

I have myself witnessed people from being excessively overweight and out of shape to being normal with perfect body adhering to all age groups.

Get in touch with FIT N’ FINE, a trusted all-women gym that gave such results.

Not all gymnasium halls around are accurately poised like above which makes it even harder for people to put their trust in.

Local gyms v/s the chain of gyms like the Gold gym, who shall prevail?!

Well, either way, a gym becomes the hot spot for every person out there seeking fitness. And I was no exception to that. I have hit the gym twice but not for a longer duration on both instances; the reason being my job change, hectic lifestyle, and intermittent schedule. Thankfully, I didn’t buy the annual membership plan for that gym. What if I did?!

Gym stories — paying monthly v/s annually

I’m about to describe to you the stories of two persons ahead. They both went to the gym but chose different plans. Here’s how it went.

Person 1: Goes to the gym, opts out of annual membership plan, didn’t go for supplements, chose basic plans, had to leave after some time. This happened two times.

Person 2: Goes to the gym, takes annual membership plan, took everything available at a certain cost, chose extreme plans, didn’t go after 3 months. This happened two times.

If you have ever been to the gym, choose which person you were and decode what went wrong/right in that time. In my point of view, although annual memberships look way more attractive and beneficial, they are not. More often than not people fall into the second person’s boots. Have you been there too?!

Ultimately, the question you would want to ask yourself is,

Is it good to be the first person or the second person?!

Comment your views below!

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