The Ice-cream Episode

4th March 2021

Hitesh Singla
3 min readMar 5, 2021

Ice-creams are liked by everyone around the world. Be it a daily wage worker or a professional in an MNC, ice-creams are chosen by everyone over anything else. I am no exception to that. I love ice-creams, be it winters or summers or any season you name. It’s simply the permanent seasonal dish of mine. You can’t imagine how mesmerizing it is to enjoy the Fruity Sundae on hot Sunday weather.

Out of all the minor reasons to love an ice-cream, one major one is the hot sultry weather outside. But personally, on the morning of 4th March 2021, I had a personal reason as well. I had blisters in my mouth. And one who has experienced them might know that eating ice-cold things while having blisters is the best option when it comes to recovering or relieving any pain, or at least barring from causing any.

I had the same thoughts on that very morning. After completing all of my pending tasks outside in the car, I was going back home in the blue Indian cricket team jersey of the 2015 CWC when I came across an ice-cream vendor.

I asked for one of my favorites, the chocofeast ice-cream. He handed me the packet and asked 40 rupees for it. Now, I am conditioned into not thinking much when it comes to bargaining with these workers (on road vendors). During these pandemic times when a lot of business and families got hampered, it is the best to help them in the best way one can.

So I asked wasn’t it for 35 rupees and he immediately replied that he’s taking 5 rupees extra as a help. (35 ki hi hai but bolke le rha hu 5 rupay, madad chahiye, baaki dekhlo) I went ahead and gave him 40 rupees for the ice-cream. He gazed on my Indian jersey and blessed me to go miles ahead. I thanked him and left to my room.

FunFact: I didn’t check the MRP yet!

I got home and after about an hour later, I decided to eat the ice-cream and just out of curiosity, checked the MRP. Only to find it as 30 rupees!

Now, was I mugged by him? Did he take advantage of my sympathy? If yes, was this fair? Are we sympathizing way more than we should?

Or did he absentmindedly did that? One may forget the real prices!

What do you think? Comment your views below!

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