The One With A Crazy-Ass Accident

Should we have got in the cab that day?

From PG to College

Why so obstinate guys, let’s skip it and enjoy some sleep.

They were obstinate about attending the class, especially Pranav. And they couldn’t leave me there and just leave. “I have to play my best card here now”, I said to myself.

I won, but partly.

Gaurav agreed with my opinion but Pranav was still dicey. Ultimately, we all had to get ready and leave for the class immediately. Now you see, we were already late and couldn’t afford to book a cab as it took time. Hence, all three of us pooled on a two-wheeler instead.

The Climax — When Mechanics failed us!


Thankfully, it didn’t result in a fatal accident but the two of my friends were a little bit injured.



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Hitesh Singla

A crazy engineer who loves writing to express personal thoughts and experiences. I’m just a normal writer engaging people in experiences beyond imagination.