WFH v/s Work From Office — Which Option Is Better?

Decoding the ‘New Normal’ of work culture ahead…

Hitesh Singla
3 min readMar 23, 2021

We have been witnessing this ‘WFH vs Office’ debate for quite a long time now as I did. People are still going into a dilemma when given a choice between the two even in this post-pandemic world. It would have been a big problem for them if it is given in reality. Actually, they aren’t.

With employment rates going down and companies going for in-house work, people have no other option but to go for it. Although some companies are offering WFH opportunities, they either have too strict norms or don’t have a justified pay scale. Isn’t your work being done?! Are there any issues with my productivity?!

I’m going to talk of ‘two sides of a coin’ ahead and decode what my and I had to say while we argued. Get your pen and notepad ready fellas, we’re going into a debate!

WFH — Why is it preferred so much?

WFH is without any doubt becoming the most comfortable mode of working nowadays. Although it was a trend set by the pandemic, it is being vastly followed and proliferated by some working professionals like me now.

Some critics complain about the working culture not available at home or the presence of too much domestic interference. I have a slightly different opinion from them.

  1. One emits all the non-productive time involving traveling and getting ready like stuff.
  2. One seems to have better performance while working from home rather than working in the office. A survey conducted in 2020 showed an enormous 47% increase in productivity.
  3. One can find the right work-life balance which many couldn’t do ever before.
  4. One can give more time into oneself which ultimately yields productivity and imagination.

Although there are many other proven points in this context, the ones against it seem to have a different opinion regarding it.

Working from office — A bane to work culture

My friend suggests that the pandemic has spoiled the professional working culture that is destined to out the best of employees. He had a harsh time working from home during the pandemic and was dying to come to the office again. Hahaha!

Statistics suggest that people tend to have a larger efficiency if given WFH opportunity. But these professionals tend to think the other way round.

  1. One gets a hefty amount of technical difficulties that one doesn’t witness working from the office. At least, they get sorted easily.
  2. Domestic interference from family members is too much for them to give properly required productivity.
  3. One can have a better work-life balance if the working environment and living environment are entirely different.
  4. One is completely focused on his/her work in the office rather than wandering minds in a WFH environment with no CCTVs to keep you under check.

To be honest, he did make a point when telling all these things to me. After all, he’s a world-class debater. But I couldn’t possibly lose. I then had my final say!

I said…

“The trick to being as efficient at home as you are at work is to maintain your concentration. There may be some technical difficulties, but these can be overcome. If you choose to work alone, working from home can be just as productive, if not more so.”

Till one understands it, this ‘WFH vs Work from office’ debate is going to continue for quite a long time ahead.

What do you think is a better option for working in the future?!

Comment your views below!

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