WFH v/s Work From Office — Which Option Is Better?

Decoding the ‘New Normal’ of work culture ahead…

WFH — Why is it preferred so much?

  1. One emits all the non-productive time involving traveling and getting ready like stuff.
  2. One seems to have better performance while working from home rather than working in the office. A survey conducted in 2020 showed an enormous 47% increase in productivity.
  3. One can find the right work-life balance which many couldn’t do ever before.
  4. One can give more time into oneself which ultimately yields productivity and imagination.

Working from office — A bane to work culture

  1. One gets a hefty amount of technical difficulties that one doesn’t witness working from the office. At least, they get sorted easily.
  2. Domestic interference from family members is too much for them to give properly required productivity.
  3. One can have a better work-life balance if the working environment and living environment are entirely different.
  4. One is completely focused on his/her work in the office rather than wandering minds in a WFH environment with no CCTVs to keep you under check.

I said…

“The trick to being as efficient at home as you are at work is to maintain your concentration. There may be some technical difficulties, but these can be overcome. If you choose to work alone, working from home can be just as productive, if not more so.”

Till one understands it, this ‘WFH vs Work from office’ debate is going to continue for quite a long time ahead.

What do you think is a better option for working in the future?!



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