When 100 Rupee Work Cost me 27X More

Story Of A Tyre That Went Flat and Berserk

September 3, 2020

It is my brother’s birthday and my girlfriend and I ordered a special 6-piece cupcake box hand-made from the famous Cake Room Ludhiana. They gave a special personalized touch to your cake at quite affordable costs.

Adding fuel to the fire — When Tire Took Revenge

“The tire has been torn apart”, he proclaimed.

I saw wires and rubber coming off from that tire as soon as I stepped out of the car. Supposedly, I ran it way more than it should be. The rugged roads helped the cause too. Why me, every time!

The New Tire

“2600 for the new tire + labor”, said the tire seller.

I traversed 3 kilometers on that person’s motorbike to find out that a tire costs 2600 rupees. That day proved real costly to me, both in monetary terms and time. Bearing no other choice, I handed over the money to the seller and got the tire replaced. To add to my wounds, it started raining all of a sudden during that time. And one who knows me would now recognize the level of frustration inside me.



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Hitesh Singla

A crazy engineer who loves writing to express personal thoughts and experiences. I’m just a normal writer engaging people in experiences beyond imagination.