When I Was In Ninth Grade…

I wrote a poem that got featured in the school magazine!

Hitesh Singla
2 min readMar 21, 2021

This is a small anecdote about my 9th grade when something strange, yet inspiring, happened with me. I wrote a poem just out of my interest and out of fifty odd entries, my poem was featured at the top of selected five poems. How did it happen?!

I was an avid reader and read so much novels and poems by one of the famous poets like William Shakespeare. I was awed by their expression to change the world by making them realize the reality. I was so awed that one day, I decided to write a poem too. As I was young, I couldn’t have possibly written anything revolutionary and thereby, chose a general thing: ‘Waves’.

I shared my poem with my English teacher then.

To my surprise, the poem was very well-liked by my English teacher. She suggested me to pep it up a little bit but didn’t tell me why. I just wrote it for my interest, not to please. Anyways, I did it and handed it over to her.

After a few days, my English teacher handed me the school magazine at the end of the English class. I never had any interest in reading it. It was boring. But she insisted me to go ahead. After turning a few pages, I noticed the poem section. This is where my eyes went wide open after seeing my poem in the start. This can’t be true!

To be honest, this inspired me a lot. “Efforts do show up” I realized. From this point onwards, I started writing even more. Let’s have a look at what inspired me to write poems even today.


Waves that we behold are curious
They do sometimes become furious,
‘Cause they’re like a raging fire
Yet bringing change in our moral satire.

They’ve got a rhythmic sound
Both haunted and loud bound,
Their directions are always strange
Yes, they’re known tides to some range.

Prevalent in every river instead
Witnessing moments when thousands of tears are shed,
Yet you wish to see them in pleasant shades
Oh! I found myself at the shore of exorbitant waves.

How would you rate the work I did in class 9?! Was it that good to be featured?!

Comment your views below!

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