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A sequel to ‘Seat Belt Violation’ and ‘Fellow Countryman’ Story

Hitesh Singla
3 min readMar 22, 2021

If you have been an avid thorough reader of my posts, you must have realized by the end of the ‘Seat Belt Violation’ story that these 1000 bucks were going to have much deeper chronicles hidden in my life. I already hinted to you in that post about the same. Stan Lee, are you seeing this?!

Just as a recap, I have below two timelines of my 1000 bucks stories:

  • 1000 bucks were the amount that was pending from that fellow countryman’s side.
  • 1000 bucks were charged as a seat belt violation fine on that day.

If you have not yet seen my previous stories, I recommend you to read them first for a better understanding of what is happening ahead. It’s definitely not a long-time affair, I promise.

March 15, 2021 — Monday

Today, I eventually got time to pull off the greatest ever heist of my life, getting my D/L back without paying anything extra for it. I didn’t carry any cash in my pocket that day. I was riding on god’s luck for more than two months straight without my D/L on the roads. I’ll trust the almighty any day!

Well, I reached Chandigarh in the morning and went straight to the ‘Fellow Countryman’ to ask his whereabouts. He was really tensed. His father was there too in the shop. He exclaimed that he has had a fight with someone due to which his salary has been delayed. He was in so much need of money that he even asked me for the procedure to get the money out of the PF account.

I felt pity and didn’t want to take any money from him. But I didn’t have any cash to pay for getting back my D/L, I said to him. He understood me and gave me 800 bucks from the only money he got plus 200 from the cash counter of the store. He was a nice person, no doubt. Kindness really never goes unrewarded. It was paining to take that money though.

I thanked him and assured him if any trouble comes, just call me. We then bid goodbye to each other. An hour later, I reached the police station to get my D/L back. To my surprise, there was already a long queue. The police were indeed doing a great job that day!

It did take me an hour more standing in the queue to get my D/L back but it was worth the wait. It felt so good getting it back finally. Have I got a long-lost treasure?! I suppose so. I then faired home comfortably and continued with my life.

So what did this life experience teach you?! Well, something for sure did.

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