Am I Getting Mugged By Yet Another Fellow Countryman?

Stakes are quite high this time around!

Hitesh Singla
4 min readMar 12, 2021

When you trust someone blindly, you may be blinded soon.

As all my readers know, I have already encountered an incident when I realized the meaning of this quotation, but I don’t think I understood it that well. Only bad experiences tend to give me lessons I think. And pretty much like earlier, it seems I may have fallen into the trap yet again. The stakes are pretty much higher this time though.

For those who haven’t read my previous incident yet, click on the link below and enjoy a classic masterpiece in stupidity.

By now, I suppose you all must be familiar with “The Ice-cream Episode”. Now, I want you to consider having a thousand bucks on the line instead of those five. Flabbergasted right?! Let’s have a look at what made that happen.

Not Again!

It all happened at the “Verka Booth”, a place where we can get all verka items at cheaper costs. I was returning to Chandigarh on Monday morning due to my job. I felt really hungry and stopped by that Verka Booth to drink bottled milk.

Recap: I had earlier bought yogurt from the same shop two weeks before but I didn’t have liquid cash to pay. I promised the guy to pay it later though. Since then, I have never faced any issue from this guy given he knew where I exactly worked. Seems a very nice person, right?!

Well, I was amazed by this gesture and decided to make myself his permanent customer. I gave him 500 bucks to open my account and slowly, became quite open with the guy. I began to trust the guy so much that I even gave him my car keys to wash it up, both from inside and outside. A decision made in haste will eventually come back to haunt you.

The Aftermath — A Shocking Revelation

I got my car keys back later in the afternoon. While giving me the keys, he asked me for a favor. He said he’d encountered a family emergency and needed 500 bucks urgently. I, as I am, couldn’t say no to it. I gave it to him and he left thanking me. The story doesn’t end here. While returning home from the office, I saw my fuel indicator blinking. It took me a minute to decipher that he drove my car for 25 odd kilometers around.

What really pissed me off that day was that he didn’t even care to tell me that. Well, he went on leave for the next two days but I took her mother’s number from the fellow worker just to be on the safer side. Oddly, she didn’t know his whereabouts when I called her. I didn’t ask about her daughter too thinking that it might be kept secret from her. I disconnected.

The Confrontation

One day, I decided to make a surprise visit to the booth. I found him there. I didn’t show my anger. I made him wash my car instead and then asked for my money. He didn't have it. But he promised to return as soon as he gets his salary. Then, something strange happened.

He asked me for my car, again. I asked why. He replied that he had already taken my car earlier which I had no idea of. I grinned and said that I knew about it but I didn’t mention it. He wanted to roam around with his girlfriend for some time. This is the same reason he took my car that day, he clarified.

Me: “But why didn’t you tell me this that day?”.

He: “Sorry, I forgot under the circumstances I was facing then.”

I wanted my money back. And the only way to get them back was to keep fake trusting the guy. I gave him the car. In a sense, it made up for washing my car. I stayed at the booth for a while until he returned and handed over the keys back to me.

He took my phone number and asked me to come whenever he calls to collect the money. I affirmed his gesture and departed from the scene. A week has passed now since and I haven’t received any call whatsoever.

Do you think it might be yet another mugging counted on me?!

Comment your thoughts below!

Chat with me here to know more about the story or rather give me a suggestion regarding how to not trust anyone blindly. I think I badly need it.



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